• Hello guys! It's Carole! 

    First, I'm very very sorry for don't post article but I'm so busy these days..

    BUT don't worry, tomorrow is... HOLIDAY ! And I go nowhere~

    The next week will be full of emotion because Japan-Expo start the Wednersday and finish the Sunday, I'll go for 5 days with the bitch Sachiko! (omg i don't buy my ticket yet..) 

    I will live in the apartment of my sister for 3 weeks because she go to Vietnam! I think I will be really afraid to live alone, ghost and vampire will be sleep in the same room! 

    My next article will talk about Japan-Expo!

    See you soon ! Byyyyyye.

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    Lundi 7 Juillet 2014 à 21:41

    Don't worry.... I'm sure you'll be fine in that apartment.

    Vampires and ghosts are usually quite fun to be with ;D

    Also, I thought I was going to be afraid when I lived on my own the first time ever (!!) on my Japan trip (at least for the first week) but I wasn't. I was actually feeling really good. :)

    Also: I look forward to an update about Japan-Expo!

    I wish I could go there together with you and Sachiko someday! <3

    Lundi 7 Juillet 2014 à 22:00

    Haha thank you cutie!

    Japan expo is over and now I write an update about it so don't worry, It's for soon! ♥

    (I actually wait that my friend sent photos)

    I hope we can go together at the convention, one day! ;__; <3


    Samedi 13 Septembre 2014 à 14:07
    Cuckoo! I saw that you like manga. me and cathy aussi.vien on our blog is great. Caution is français.A our blog soon.
    Mardi 7 Février 2017 à 08:22

    First off - cuuuuuute name!! I can't wait to read about Japan-Expo!!!!

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