• Hello everyone! Today it's thurday and I finish written exams for be hairdresser. It was very very good so I'm very happy ! 

    So, I make this article to talk about my new love, Cony, my rabbit ! 

    I got my rabbit's at Mother's Day! First, I wanted Cony since long time but my parents didn't agree this. Then one day, my father and my brother accepted to buy a cage. So I buy Cony on Sunday, I was very very happy and I immediately locate Cony among of others! He was running and jumping everywhere! He was adorable! Of course, I immediately choice Cony.

    I hesitated between many name! I got information from my friends and especially about Matt (My lskqhfqhkfbqdkjfhqldifj♥) He helped me for find his name, Cony! (It's a rabbit in Line application).

    Cony is a boy and he will have 3 month the 25th of June! 



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    Samedi 14 Juin 2014 à 22:42

    Coni is a little piece of shit - Sachi

    Dimanche 15 Juin 2014 à 12:39

    °A° He's not !    


    Jeudi 19 Juin 2014 à 16:27
    Aww... ♡ He's such a cutie!
    I used to have two guinea pigs but now I prefer pets that don't need a cage that has to be cleaned every week... ;)
    Jeudi 19 Juin 2014 à 21:09

    Yes It's true! But guinea pig is very cute! T_T


    Samedi 13 Septembre 2014 à 14:10

    Oooh.is cute.

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