• Hello guys! It's Carole! 

    First, I'm very very sorry for don't post article but I'm so busy these days..

    BUT don't worry, tomorrow is... HOLIDAY ! And I go nowhere~

    The next week will be full of emotion because Japan-Expo start the Wednersday and finish the Sunday, I'll go for 5 days with the bitch Sachiko! (omg i don't buy my ticket yet..) 

    I will live in the apartment of my sister for 3 weeks because she go to Vietnam! I think I will be really afraid to live alone, ghost and vampire will be sleep in the same room! 

    My next article will talk about Japan-Expo!

    See you soon ! Byyyyyye.

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    Hello Cutie ! 

    I'm going to show you the amazing people I follow on Instagram, but first , why Instagram , well Instagram is my favorite of all the social network I'm on. The system is easy for the people who maybe not know it , you just have to share photo that you first change with some filter and like photo of other people ! You can also post video now , and it's really cool ! Then you follow and people follow you, it's a really cool thing to do everyday , checking what people post and liked ! 

    So , my account is Sachikonee , (here Caca's) and this is my favorite people that I follow and that I adore ;^; : 

    Cosplayeur : jean_tb, thecarebearfag, primadonnagirll , eme.hachiMako_75  Figgarow  eikkibunny grotesquekawaii Mierose twinfoo novabannedmyaccount

    Amazing stylemashuyumaro , pastelbat , lupinebaby , irodohieru, ADORA_BATBRAT, superloversrock tempestpaige pricesstrashcan 

    Cute :eldfursten , Keiapa , titontic , captainyanii drastcact , nich0lael, petitepasserinesheepcream

    Adore : yukulicious ,dollcultt, remembrant9

    Beautifull : thekamirenee , bubblipop, noralovely , jenelises, roseshock  

    Funny : _FROG , normanthavaud , 6pri1


    I follow so much more people but they are right now the people that I really like ! Don't hesitate to go on their account and to see or like there photo, they deserved it !

    Have a nice day, or night cuties ! 

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  • Hello everyone! Today it's thurday and I finish written exams for be hairdresser. It was very very good so I'm very happy ! 

    So, I make this article to talk about my new love, Cony, my rabbit ! 

    I got my rabbit's at Mother's Day! First, I wanted Cony since long time but my parents didn't agree this. Then one day, my father and my brother accepted to buy a cage. So I buy Cony on Sunday, I was very very happy and I immediately locate Cony among of others! He was running and jumping everywhere! He was adorable! Of course, I immediately choice Cony.

    I hesitated between many name! I got information from my friends and especially about Matt (My lskqhfqhkfbqdkjfhqldifj♥) He helped me for find his name, Cony! (It's a rabbit in Line application).

    Cony is a boy and he will have 3 month the 25th of June! 



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  • Colorii and Kiko nail polish

    Lire la suite...

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    • Pikachu:Do you consider yourself popular? Omg please no, I don't care! I just want to speak with many people and share my life. 

      Vaporeon:Do you enjoy swimming? Swimming? I think.. I'm sure, no.

      Flareon:Do you enjoy campfires? I hate fire, that's all. But i love you Flareon! 

      Jolteon:Do you fear thunder/lightning? I do not like thunder because it is really noisy! But lightning are very very beautiful and I like watching~

      Umbreon:Day or night? Day, the night is too quiet and scary.

      Espeon:What are some strange abilities you have? I don't know, I am a pooh ? i think it's already good thing ! ∩( ・ω・)∩

      Leafeon:Do you enjoy nature? Yes! I really like that! I love flowers, trees, animals and I love taking care of my garden but it's difficult because I hate insects... (>_<)

      Glaceon:Do you prefer cool or hot temperatures? Mhhhh.. It's very difficult to make choice! I think, hot ?

      Sylveon:How do you feel about the new fairy type? I THINK IT'S CUTE AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU SYLVEON! ♥♥

      Piplup:Are you a picky eater? Yes, I think. There are many things I don't like and I never agreed with other people! (mainly sachi haha)

      Snorlax:Are you a heavy sleeper? Work prevents me but I really like sleep! zzZ

      Wobbuffet:Do you have any big secrets? Hahahahaha.. yes. ♥

      Plusle/Minun:Who's your best friend? sachi What do you mean? I don't have best friend !

      Magikarp:Are you excited for your future? I don't know, I'm just impatient to play new pokemon games! 

      Jigglypuff:Do you enjoy singing? Haha.. I like singing, but, when I'm alone. Just when I'm alone. Yes. Alone.

      Kirlia:Do you dance? JUST ALONE TOO.

      Chansey:Enjoy helping people? I try to help some people but I don't really like that.

      Whismur:Are you the quiet type? I am a big lazy but I like to do many things! So, I think I'm not quiet. 

      Exploud:Do you like your music loud? Yes but just in car!

      Chandelure:Believe in ghosts? I'm afraid to say yes and I'm afraid to say no. 

      Zangoose:Biggest rival? SACHI MOTHER FUCKER

      Swalot:Favorite food? Salt food! Noodles.

      Minccino:Are you a clean freak? Yes, but not in my house hahahahahaha.

      Elgyem:Believe in aliens? Yes. Sachi is real.

      Wingull:Do you enjoy the beach? Yes but I hate swimsuit because I'm fat.

      Vanillite:Favorite Ice cream flavor? Raspberry and Lemon ! ♥

    FAQ from Tumblr.

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